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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Death and Shampoo

I was thinking about the fear of death in the shower today. It's where I do my best thinking next to when I'm driving a go-cart. Something about driving in tiny circles. When the course is closed I'll sometimes just go drive around roundabouts. Thinkin. (Not really I fucking hate roundabouts) Here's what I came up with, short and sweet. No. I do not fear death. Here's why. Because it's a mystery. They say that. Some have called it the greatest mystery. Seriously. Google that shit. 'Death; The Greatest Mystery'. I don't know what you'll get back 'cause I was too lazy to search it myself but I'm quite certain we can all agree it's a mystery. I believe we can also agree that no matter what, no matter who you are, everybody WILL at some point discover the answer to that mystery. (SPOILER: You're going to die. Drag.) It's just a given. Some people spend their entire lives in search of an answer, a clue, something that will help them solve the mystery. Early. Cause you're gonna solve it. You can stop worrying about that.

I say fuck it! I like surprises! No I'm not afraid of death. Just spiders. And sharks.

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